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Forget which “50” per cent of marketing works, it’s both “50”

by Mark Jones | 17 Aug 2017 | in Opinion

You might know the old adage: “50 per cent of my marketing works, I just don’t know which 50.” CEO & Chief Storyteller Mark Jones explains that today, it’s no longer “which 50” but “both More >

What is immersive storytelling? The frontier of virtual reality

by Candice Witton | 11 Aug 2017 | in Stories

A storyteller’s ultimate goal is to fully immerse the audience in the universe of their story, and it’s no secret that technology rules when it comes to immersive storytelling. Content producer Candice Witton directs her More >

The CMO Show: Will Scully-Power and the future of AI Marketing

by The CMO Show | 10 Aug 2017 | in The CMO Show

Ever feel like automating your marketing takes more time than it saves? Machine learning should free you from manual tasks, not add to the list.   Will Scully-Power, CEO of customer experience automation platform PASCAL51 More >

The CMO Show: Shobhit Shukla and the value of data

by The CMO Show | 27 Jul 2017 | in The CMO Show

Your customers are all carrying around a GPS in their pockets. Why aren’t you using all that data to sell them things? You’re shopping for sneakers online, but you bail on the sale. The next More >

vr marketing

The CMO Show: Ariel Shimoni on the state of VR marketing

13 Jul 2017 | in The CMO Show

How do you get audiences excited about your branded virtual reality content? VR expert Ariel Shimoni tells all. Even though everyone’s carrying around a little virtual reality device in their pocket, VR is awkward. It’s More >

CX empathy

The CMO Show: Adam Faulkner says superior CX requires empathetic marketers

29 Jun 2017 | in The CMO Show

It’s 2017 and we still find ourselves asking: What is customer experience? How does it differ from UX? Customer experience design expert Adam Faulkner joins us to clear up the confusion. “Effectively what it is,” begins Adam More >

avant-garde marketing

From Monet’s Garden to the freedom of Sweden: What marketers can learn from the avant-garde

by Candice Witton | 27 Jun 2017 | in Stories

Disruption, innovation, creative thinking. Modern marketers are using these concepts in their work, but do they realise they’re treading a well-worn path? Content Producer and unashamed art-nerd Candice Witton explores…. When Claude Monet stood in More >

intelligent marketing

The CMO Show: Aric Dromi unlocks the marketing universe

15 Jun 2017 | in The CMO Show

Could embracing “machine wisdom” be the key to unlocking the marketing universe? Self-confessed troublemaker Aric Dromi is on a mission to find out… The future of marketing will be driven by machines – we’ll just More >