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Ask good questions

Take yourself off mute: How to ask good questions at work

by Heather Jones | 29 Aug 2016 | in Stories

They say if your child is not proficient in reading by the end of first grade, they’re going to struggle over the long haul.   Perhaps that’s why I was so tuned in to the More >

brand equity

The third dimension: How to build brand equity for your business

by Tamara Plakalo | 26 Aug 2016 | in Stories

Intelligent leaders, like intelligent accountants, understand the impact of a brand stretches all the way from customers to the very last page of the balance sheet. The official brand conversion rate – in unscientific terms More >

marketing to millennials

The CMO Show: Paul Berney on why marketing to millennials is lazy

by Filtered Media | 25 Aug 2016 | in The CMO Show

Mobile. It’s an unavoidable channel to reach target audiences and has become the most dominant aspect of digital strategy. But is current practice still best practice? With more than 30 years’ experience, including five years More >

Marketing to women over 60

The silver dollar: Why brands should pay attention to women over 60

by Meghna Bali | 22 Aug 2016 | in The Digest

Women of the baby boomer generation represent one of the most affluent portions of the buying public. With more financial empowerment than any generation of women before them, and the spending power to match, why More >

Olympic content campaign

Campaign watch: This will be the most shared Olympic content campaign in history

by Samantha Waterworth | 19 Aug 2016 | in Stories

With 28 Olympic medals under his belt, he’s been dubbed the greatest swimmer of all time. And now, Michael Phelps is breaking new records in Under Armour’s latest content campaign – a video that will More >

brand podcasting

Brand podcasting: Five lessons I learnt from Ira Glass

by Tom van Leeuwen | 17 Aug 2016 | in Stories

“If you’re not producing at least one story a week, you’re in trouble.”  Cue gasps from the packed house of next-gen podcasting hopefuls. We’re listening to the bona fide king of podcasting under the sails More >

Management theory

Lessons in management theory: Why are you a leader in the first place?

by Mark Jones | 12 Aug 2016 | in Opinion

My favourite concept in management theory is called the ‘Peter principle’. Named after its author, a bloke called Laurence J. Peter, it articulates a common feeling in the workplace: “Managers rise to the level of More >

The CMO Show: Bec Brideson on marketing to female$ & womenomics

by Megan Wright | 11 Aug 2016 | in The CMO Show

Women account for more than 50 per cent of the global population yet, in the world of marketing, they remain underrepresented in the boardroom and on the drawing board. Estimated to be worth some 28 More >