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Are blogs dead?

The blog is dead! Long live the blog! Just like zombies

by Mark Jones | 19 Sep 2016 | in Opinion

You’ve probably heard this echo across the interwebs: Are blogs dead? At one level, the question is right up there with chatter about email. It was supposed to die in the early 2000s, except that More >

social change

Campaign watch: Proof that a campaign CAN enact social change

by Megan Wright | 16 Sep 2016 | in Stories

What do you get when you bring together a unique creative brief, more than 140 talented individuals and an event that only comes around every four years? (No, it’s not the opener to a bad More >

B2B and B2C content marketing

Explain to me: The difference between B2B and B2C content marketing

by Samantha Waterworth | 12 Sep 2016 | in Stories

Many find it difficult to grasp the deep and nuanced difference between B2B and B2C content marketing but, as Samantha Waterworth explores, it pays to know the difference… Marketers talk often – and at length More >

creativity in marketing

The CMO Show: Anne Miles on having the balls to be creative in marketing

by Filtered Media | 08 Sep 2016 | in The CMO Show

How do you define creativity? Is it the process of painting beautiful pictures and making music that inspires you? Is it the process of consuming and interpreting content, creations and collaborations in the world around More >


Marketers you’re on notice: We’re hyper-connected and pissed off

by Mark Jones | 05 Sep 2016 | in Opinion

It’s not enough to be polite, respond quickly, apologise and ‘be human’. Now brands have to understand and overcome the impatience and angry reactionism of hyper-connected communities in collective crisis, says Mark Jones. I stumbled More >

PR stunt

Campaign watch: Double Robotics wins big with PR stunt

by Rian Newman | 02 Sep 2016 | in Stories

In the world of PR, launching a product into a zero awareness market can seem like an impossible challenge – unless you turn that to your advantage. On a shoestring budget and facing plummeting consumer More >

Ask good questions

Take yourself off mute: How to ask good questions at work

by Heather Jones | 29 Aug 2016 | in Stories

They say if your child is not proficient in reading by the end of first grade, they’re going to struggle over the long haul.   Perhaps that’s why I was so tuned in to the More >

brand equity

The third dimension: How to build brand equity for your business

by Tamara Plakalo | 26 Aug 2016 | in Stories

Intelligent leaders, like intelligent accountants, understand the impact of a brand stretches all the way from customers to the very last page of the balance sheet. The official brand conversion rate – in unscientific terms More >