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The CMO Show is a podcast about brand storytelling and the future of marketing.

Join hosts Mark Jones and Jeanne-Vida Douglas as they interview global thought leaders about emerging trends in content marketing, social, public relations, and digital disruption.

WSU unlimited interview

The CMO Show: Why WSU’s rebrand smashed the hall of conservative mirrors

by The CMO Show | 06 Oct 2016 | in The CMO Show

Trying to stand out in Australia’s university circuit is barbed with expendable resources, exclusivity, and prestige. This was the challenge tackled head on by Angelo Kourtis, Western Sydney University’s VP of People and Advancement, who had More >

Personalisation in marketing

The CMO Show: From printing press to personalisation with Lee Hawksley

by The CMO Show | 23 Sep 2016 | in The CMO Show

It’s no secret the world of marketing is changing at lightning speed. Marketers are leveraging the power of personalisation to deliver great customer experiences as new technologies and user demands continue to grow. In this episode of The More >

creativity in marketing

The CMO Show: Anne Miles on having the balls to be creative in marketing

by Filtered Media | 08 Sep 2016 | in The CMO Show

How do you define creativity? Is it the process of painting beautiful pictures and making music that inspires you? Is it the process of consuming and interpreting content, creations and collaborations in the world around More >

marketing to millennials

The CMO Show: Paul Berney on why marketing to millennials is lazy

by Filtered Media | 25 Aug 2016 | in The CMO Show

Mobile. It’s an unavoidable channel to reach target audiences and has become the most dominant aspect of digital strategy. But is current practice still best practice? With more than 30 years’ experience, including five years More >

The CMO Show: Bec Brideson on marketing to female$ & womenomics

by Megan Wright | 11 Aug 2016 | in The CMO Show

Women account for more than 50 per cent of the global population yet, in the world of marketing, they remain underrepresented in the boardroom and on the drawing board. Estimated to be worth some 28 More >

rachel botsman on the collaborative economy

The CMO Show: Rachel Botsman on the collaborative economy and why trust is not a tagline

by Megan Wright | 19 Jul 2016 | in The CMO Show

Trust: it’s a lucrative and aspirational factor in brand storytelling, but all too often we fail to understand its true meaning – or value. When it comes to making informed decisions, consumers are increasingly driven More >

artificial intelligence in marketing

The CMO Show: Will robots infiltrate marketing? with ANZ’s Chaminda Ranasinghe

by Megan Wright | 12 Jul 2016 | in The CMO Show

It has been touted as an increasingly integral part of many industries, including marketing. But what exactly is artificial intelligence? And, more importantly, what does it means for marketers in the future?  The uptake of More >

jenny williams hcf

The CMO Show: IT geeks make great marketers with Jenny Williams 

by Tom van Leeuwen | 05 Jul 2016 | in The CMO Show

Those with IT skills and creative flair are increasingly in demand in the marketing department, as data, technology and digital continue to shape core strategy.  The role of the CMO has never been so diverse or challenging. As More >