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The CMO Show is a podcast about brand storytelling and the future of marketing.

Join hosts Mark Jones and Jeanne-Vida Douglas as they interview global thought leaders about emerging trends in content marketing, social, public relations, and digital disruption.

mobile marketing best practice

The CMO Show: Mobile marketing is the new black with Kelly Slessor

by Megan Wright | 21 Jun 2016 | in The CMO Show

Mobile is where it’s at, right? Turns out that there is a whole world of mobile marketing beyond that which we currently know – and it’s just waiting to be discovered and embraced. It’s a More >

online marketing

The CMO Show: Get cluey about online marketing with Aaron Agius

by Megan Wright | 08 Jun 2016 | in The CMO Show

SEM, SEO and data – they’re the holy grail of the modern marketer’s strategy tool kit. Yet, the struggle to understand and effectively implement them at a tactical level is all too real. This week More >

customer centricity in marketing

The CMO Show: Linden Brown on customer centricity in marketing

by Megan Wright | 24 May 2016 | in The CMO Show

As we move into an era of user-generated content, customer supply chains and individual consumption, the age old adage “the customer comes first,” has never been more true. Without your customers you’d be out of More >

The CMO Show: Emma Sharley on why brand is much more than a logo

by Megan Wright | 11 May 2016 | in The CMO Show

What’s truly in a name? And what makes a brand and gives it voice beyond logos, colours, fonts and design? These are pertinent questions that every marketer needs an answer to.  As we approach the 85th More >

lee tonitto

The CMO Show: Marketers are learners first & leaders second with Lee Tonitto

by Megan Wright | 26 Apr 2016 | in The CMO Show

“Your life’s course is not determined by the things you do or know, it’s really determined by trying hard outside your natural skill set.” This is Lee Tonitto’s message to marketers who are struggling in the More >

the future of pr

The CMO Show: The PR danger zone with Jennifer Muir

by Megan Wright | 12 Apr 2016 | in The CMO Show

Public relations. As the many facets of the media and communications industry continue to converge, there are many who would tell you PR is doomed to fail. But with the federal government predicting that an extra 25,000 people More >

native advertising

The CMO Show: The Guardian’s Ian McClelland talks native advertising

by Megan Wright | 29 Mar 2016 | in The CMO Show

With its origins in overacted infomercials and stodgy advertorial, native advertising hasn’t had the best of reputations over the years. Times, however, are a-changing as leading publishers like The Guardian, find ways of combining quality More >

The CMO Show: Philip Otley on the customer experience reel

by Megan Wright | 16 Mar 2016 | in The CMO Show

Customers. In today’s data-driven world they seem somewhat mystical and elusive. So what’s the best way to attract new customers? And how can you use branded content to connect with existing customers at multiple touch points?  This week More >