About us
We believe compelling stories are the key to effective marketing.
We help iconic brands like yours tell their stories in strategic ways, using our integrated approach to creative content, PR and social. We have big-agency capabilities, delivered with independent agency ethics and professionalism.
The very beginning
This story starts
as many good stories do,
with a girl who meets a boy:

Filtered Media co-founders
Heather Jones + Mark Jones.
Filtered Media moves to Railway St, Chatswood
August 2013
Bigger space
Time to unpack
New digs
Filtered Media moves to Victoria Ave, Chatswood
August 2017
Spacious open-plan
Meeting spaces
Stunning views
Team FM expands
December 2017
We have welcomed nine
new team members since April.
Our Team
Mark Jones
CEO + Chief Storyteller
Visionary, enthusiastic, team builder. Keynote speaker and master storyteller. Runs things like a boss.
Heather Jones
Managing Director + Co-Founder
A creative, strategic thinker who knows how to inspire.
Paula Cowan
General Manager
Recognises good process liberates creatives.
Dina Pyrlis Gray
Senior Content Director + Storyteller
Turns concepts and insights into strategy and action.
Dana Danieli
PR + Storytelling Director​, Finance + Technology
A strategic and process oriented thinker, who plans to be flexible.
Kate Elks
Content Director + Storyteller
Powers our content production with consummate grace and precision timing.
Nicole Manktelow
Content Director + Storyteller
Nerdy news ninja.
Jeffrey Coote
Senior PR Manager, Finance + Technology
Creates and executes effective PR and content marketing strategies.
Sarah Fairley
Senior Project Manager + Storyteller
The fairy godmother of attainment. Bringing client visions to life with efficiency and success.
Nick Ross
Senior Manager, Content + Analytics
Getting you ranking high on organic Google Searches & establishing why you're not there already.
Anne-Maree Brown
Digital Content Manager + Storyteller
Naturally enthusiastic and forever-curious. I never tire of asking questions and looking for answers.
Emily Nowland
PR Manager + Storyteller
Propelling your brand into the spotlight.
Charlotte Goodwin
Content Manager + Storyteller
Crafting high quality creative, communications & client relationships.
Daniel Marr
Design Manager + Storyteller
Crafts beautiful stories by example. Down to the last detail.
Heather Hopkins
Finance Manager
Harnesses a passion for numbers to inspire peace of mind
Nikki Majewski
Senior Content Producer + Storyteller
Brilliant stories don't write themselves. Nikki does.
Rian Newman
Content Producer + Storyteller
I’ll find what’s unique about you and make it interesting to others.
Liz Barrett
Content Producer + Storyteller
Brings brand stories to life, making the ordinary; extraordinary.
Ewan Miller
Producer, Content + Analytics
Considering every angle.
Candice Witton
Content Producer + Storyteller
Turning laundry lists into poetry.
Jonny McNee
Content Producer + Storyteller
Bringing stories to life through video and sound.
Hannah Eastwood
Social Media Executive + Storyteller
Where creativity and cut-through begins.
Mitchell Marr
Content Designer + Storyteller
Part-time designer/part-time illustrator—which adds up to full-time Designy Illustrator.
Tom Henderson
Production Assistant + Storyteller
Transforming content into engaging stories.
Roseanne Scott
PR Assistant + Storyteller
Headline thinking, hardline results.
Jessica Testa
Content Assistant + Storyteller
Believes in the magic of creativity and a great story.
Natalie Cupac
Content Assistant + Storyteller
Believes a great story makes all the difference. Determined to be a catalyst for change.
Ruth Grigg
Executive Assistant to CEO and General Manager
Empowers others.
Helen Tozer
Personal Assistant
Life's a big adventure.
Let us tell your story
I want to Filtered Media.