“Be a person before a leader”: Ten leadership tips from Heather Jones, MD
Filtered Media’s managing director and co-founder Heather Jones shares her thoughts on leadership, focus & staying true to yourself.

There’s nothing more impressive or vital to the success of a business than an executive who knows how to get things done.

Filtered Media’s managing director and co-founder Heather Jones shares her thoughts on leadership, focus and always staying true to yourself.

1. Authenticity is the new authority. Be a person before a leader. Read, laugh, go out, enjoy nature, drink wine, or coffee, or both. Spend time with children. Or art. Or both.

2. Find your own voice. Dig deep for what you care about, not because it ranks well for SEO or it’s what “the market wants”, but because it truly matters to you – then post, talk, think and lead with that authentic voice. Why? Read on.

3. Money follows passion more commonly than the other way around. Do you know what yours is? Do more of that.

4. Step away to step up. As a leader you need time away from the everyday, every day. A leader needs to go above the trees, look around, feel the wind to notice which way it’s blowing, and spot the clear and safe spaces to land below. You can’t do that if you’re consumed with spreadsheets, calls, to-do lists, reports and invoices *all* the time.  It could be as simple as a 10-minute walk without a phone, or as divine as a week away.

5. Remember they need you. Truly, they need you. Even when you feel like you’re stuffing up everything you touch, your team needs you to believe in yourself. Seek advice. Listen. Step away for a bit. And lead. #JustDoIt

6. Spend more time focused on what you *do* have going for you. Look around and you’ll easily find 100 people doing 500% better than you in some way. You know what? Some of them are looking at you and thinking the same. What do they see that you’re forgetting to notice?

7. Unless you’re a brain surgeon, ambo, or surf lifesaver, it’s highly likely the work you do is not life or death. Honestly, life is short.

8. Be polite, and kind. It costs you nothing, but pays high returns. Except for those days. Everyone needs a good pen throw on those days.

9. Pass the balls so you can catch the grenades. Delegate, empower, repeat.

10. If you lose everything, you’ll still have yourself. Make sure you like that the most.


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