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storytelling series

Campaign watch: Square finds success with storytelling series

by Samantha Waterworth | 07 Feb 2017 | in Stories

How do you market your brand without so much as uttering its name? With a good story, of course. Square, a mobile payments company led by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, has unveiled the first instalment More >

fake news

Fake it ‘til you make it: The unfortunate truth behind fake news

by Ewan Miller | 03 Feb 2017 | in Stories

Ethically dubious motives aside, fake news and content marketing face many of the same challenges. Ewan Miller unpacks the digital marketing techniques that fake news gets so right – no matter how wrong. Over the More >

digital analog marketing

The CMO Show: Anders SN on marketing with chutzpah (and zombies)

02 Feb 2017 | in The CMO Show - The best marketing podcast

Why can’t we all be Nike? What is the true value of customer data? And how can personal transformation impact marketing? These are the sorts of questions that digital marketing futurist Anders Sorman-Nilsson has dedicated More >

Feminist marketing campaign

Campaign watch: Ditching the “pink it and shrink it” approach to female marketing

by Ewan Miller | 26 Jan 2017 | in Stories

In a world turned upside down, a Wall Street investment firm has just launched one of the freshest feminist marketing campaigns of the year. It’s harsh but true that we live in a country where More >

mini marketing MBA

A marketer’s (mini) MBA: 7 skills you need to master

by Megan Wright | 18 Jan 2017 | in Stories

Don’t let the fear of falling behind keep you from playing the game. We’ve rounded up the top trends marketers need to keep an eye on in the year ahead. What if you could sink More >

student-made Adidas video

Campaign watch: Adidas realises the perils of playing it safe

by Samantha Waterworth | 12 Jan 2017 | in Stories

It’s a lesson marketers can’t forget – every action (or indeed inaction) a brand makes has consequences… They’ve done it again. Students from the renowned German Film Academy of Baden-Württemberg – the school that produced More >

australia day lamb ad marketing

The CMO Show: Andrew Howie and the legendary Australia Day lamb ad

by The CMO Show | 12 Jan 2017 | in The CMO Show - The best marketing podcast

“Crackin’ spot. Fire up the barbie.” Whether it’s Lee Lin Chin launching a covert operation to rescue Aussie ex-pats from a lamb-less lunch, Lambassador Sam Kekovich’s scorching rebukes of “unaustralianism”, or Adam Gilchrist suggesting a game More >

Content ROI

The Wizard of Oz and the ROI ruby slippers you don’t know you have

by JV Douglas | 09 Jan 2017 | in Opinion

“No my dear, I’m a very good man. I’m just a very bad Wizard.” It has been at least 35 years since I sat on the carpet at my uncle’s house and watched the big More >