When, where and how do marketing leaders find inspiration?


IBM asked over 1,500 CEOs what they considered to be the number one staff capability that is crucial for future prosperity.

What did they select as most important? Creativity!

However, creativity cannot exist without inspiration, and finding inspiration can be difficult!

So how exactly do leading marketing strategists manage to be so creative day in day out?

Join us for a special live recording of The CMO Show podcast on Tuesday 26th November 2019 (8:00-9:30am) at Filtered Media HQ as special guest Angie Tutt, Head of Marketing at LEGO Australia, joins host Mark Jones in conversation.

We will examine when, where and how marketers find inspiration, and methods you can implement to help boost your own creativity.

We invite decision makers, senior marketers, and C-suite executives who are interested in telling their brand story brilliantly to join us and kick off their day with some expert insights and a FREE tasty breakfast + good coffee!


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Angie Tutt

Angie Tutt is Senior Director, Head of Marketing at LEGO Australia.

When appointed to the role in 2017 by Lego ANZ VP and GM Claus Kristensen, Angie was described by Kristensen to Toy Hobby Retailer as being able to bring her “understanding of the local Australian market and culture” to further drive “the strength of the brand across Australia and New Zealand.”

As a senior leader in a competitive industry where creativity and agile thinking are considered prized commodities, Angie believes its imperative to have a variety of external inspirations.

Mark Jonesthe-cmo-show-live-mark-jones

Mark Jones is a master storyteller and brand strategist. His passion is helping business leaders harness the power of storytelling for growth. Mark has 20 years’ experience in professional storytelling as a journalist, editor, publisher and speaker.

He’s interviewed global CEOs and politicians, broken national business and technology stories, and captivated audiences around the world with his enthusiasm for storytelling and brand strategy.

Mark has worked with iconic brands including Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Telstra, Adobe, KitchenAid, Fairfax and IDG. Together with his wife Heather, he built a multi-million-dollar brand storytelling agency, Filtered Media, that helps organisations tell their story, brilliantly.

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