In order to engage a growing Asia Pacific audience, Adobe sought to localise content on its platform.

The Challenge:

Adobe Asia Pacific needed to deliver in-depth insights and analysis to the fastest growing, most culturally and linguistically diverse region in the world.

To gain share in this space, Adobe Asia Pacific needed to create mechanisms for the brand to listen to and communicate with creative decision makers and customer experience professionals who constitute a small, but increasingly influential subset of senior managers. The company sought to leverage the already-successful platform in order to meet this challenge.


The Solution:

Adobe appointed Filtered Media to align the brand with high-level insights and analysis from the Asia Pacific region. Together, Adobe Asia Pacific and Filtered Media developed a strong editorial vision for based on emerging trends and key issues across the area.

Each month a variety of content is developed for the platform, giving the region’s creative decision makers a regular flow of information about technological, economic and social trends.



Adobe Asia Pacific has been globally recognised for its leading share of media voice, contributing to 13 per cent of the overall visits to Since 2013, this content has attracted substantial social media engagement and continues to cultivate strong associations with the brand.

With more than 100 original, editorially independent pieces of content covering the trends and opportunities across the vast and culturally diverse Asia Pacific region, is now able to cater to a global audience through the delivery of localised content.

The Results:


“Filtered Media has been involved in the creation of content for since we began publishing in June 2014. They have carried the editorial strategy and creation process since the beginning and have found ways to work effectively to ensure content reflects the values of the organisation, whilst offering readers insight and analysis that is relevant, timely and interesting. Filtered Media offers an integrated approach to content creation that combines sophisticated data analysis and audience insight with a deep appreciation of the importance of storytelling. The result is an ongoing stream of quality content that delivers on our organisational goals, and provides readers with an excellent marketing resource.”

Paula Parkes
Director of Marketing
Adobe Asia Pacific

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