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As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic profoundly changes business life, we want you to know our team of storytellers at Filtered Media are here to help you tell your story brilliantly.

Many of our clients have just one short-term priority – staying connected to clients, staff and partners.

The solutions are clearly digital: virtual and live-stream events, webinars, podcasts, content, communications and storytelling services.

Helping you stay connected with digital storytelling services is our #1 priority and our passion – validated through 12 years of award-winning expertise.

Read on to learn more.

Virtual event services
Virtual events are the most engaging way to connect with customers, staff and partners across the globe as we adjust to new ways of working and living.

We offer everything you’d expect from a full-service virtual events partner - planning, execution and measurement. Whether it’s a live stream event, webinar, conference or seminar, our experienced team is ready to help you now.

Expect attention to detail, positivity and a focus on solutions - applied to the following:

- Event strategy, name, theme and content
- All aspects of marketing and graphic design
- Attendee registration management
- Pre-recorded video content
- Live event broadcast, multi-camera and presentation switching
- Post-event follow-up and communications

Transition to digital events and stay connected to your customers

Behind the scenes from ‘Storytime with Mark Jones’ – a live stream, multi-camera event hosted by Filtered Media on 20 March, 2020. This content marketing project drove sales of Mark’s new book and helped the agency secure a new client contract.

Podcasting services
Podcasting is a versatile and personal storytelling channel, delivering the marketing dream of 1:1 communications!

In 2019, Filtered Media was awarded the Australian Marketing Institute’s Award for Marketing Excellence in content marketing for our podcast, The CMO Show. We were also a finalist in the 2019 Australian Podcast Awards.

Leverage our team’s decade of experience and award-winning expertise to develop a strategic, ‘thought leadership’ style podcast series to demonstrate your brand’s authority in its sector.

Audio storytelling is a marketer’s most important communications medium in 2020


Behind the scenes on The CMO Show, Filtered Media’s own award-winning marketing and business podcast, hosted by Mark Jones, our agency’s CEO, and a media and marketing expert of 20 years (and podcasting pioneer of more than a decade!).

In 2019, The CMO Show was announced as a finalist in the Australian Podcast Awards, won the Australian Marketing Institute Award for Marketing Excellence in content marketing, and Executive producer Charlotte Goodwin was awarded the Mumbrella NeXt content marketer award.

Filtered Media has produced a whole host of impressive branded podcast series in its decade of podcasting experience. Our team of audio storytellers devise top quality podcast strategies, develop striking visual and audio podcast branding, and provide end-to-end production services including publishing, distribution and promotion.

Video services
While some in-person filming opportunities are currently hindered by the COVID-19 restrictions, a wealth of opportunities for video content production remain.

As marketers, we can continue to harness the power of branded graphics, typography and animation to tell a brand's story, brilliantly.

We offer remote video production services - A/V scripting, storyboarding, editing and more. Our team is ready to help your organisation achieve its communications goals through video today.

Explainer video

Take your customer on a virtual walkthrough of your product or service


Don’t just tell, show! Explainer videos combine brand strategy and messaging with a compelling audio-visual script.

We help you from beginning to end, advising on optimal length, format and key calls to action. 

We’ll find you the right voiceover artist to suit your audience, apply easy-to-read subtitles to enhance accessibility, and deliver in any digital format.


View an example video below


Animated video

Tell your story through the power of graphics and typography – no talking heads necessary!


Animation cuts through the clutter. We help you bring a product, service, process or story to life with a creative approach to animation.

Our editorial team works with you to develop an audio-visual script that grabs the audience and inspires action.

Your animation will fit within brand guidelines and the storyboard will be customised to suit length and style of various digital and social channels.

Choose a voiceover artist from our recommended shortlist to match your brand’s tone of voice and enjoy the result.


View an example video below


Infographic-style video

Showcase facts and figures in a easy to consume, highly-shareable format


This style of video clearly communicates statistics and information to help your customers take action.

We develop and animate simple graphics – consistent with your brand guidelines – and provide options to include subtitles, voiceover or both.  

Added bonus: update your video over time to maintain relevance with new facts and figures.


View an example video below

Social cut video

Convert existing long-form videos into bite-size teasers, optimised for social


Reach a wider audience with video cut from longer formats for amplification via social media channels.

We choose the best scenes and grabs to pique interest and drive viewers through to full-length videos and supporting content. 

Consider 15 and 30 sec cuts for short, sharp outreach, and longer previews to A/B test against shorter ones on Facebook (given its algorithm specifically gives preference to longer videos).

Of course, we deliver your social cuts in a format (aspect ratio) best suited to any social channel: YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.


View an example video below

Editorial services
The power of the written word is not disrupted by social distance.

Written stories are one of the most versatile types of content. Update your content as new information comes to hand and maintain connection with your audience.

We’re experts at incorporating your brand’s messaging, tone of voice and key search terms into relevant and engaging stories.

Phone interviews with case study subjects, experts and spokespeople enable our writers to bring insights and credibility to your content.

Our editorial process underpins quality and audience-specific orientation. Each article is accompanied by social media posts for ease of publishing and amplification.
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