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Forget “which 50” per cent of marketing works, it’s “both 50”

by Mark Jones | 17 Aug 2017 | in Opinion

You might know the old adage: “50 per cent of my marketing works, I just don’t know which 50.” CEO & Chief Storyteller Mark Jones explains that today, it’s no longer “which 50” but “both More >

customer driven experience

The tides are changing: Customer driven experience in marketing

by Rian Newman | 02 Jun 2017 | in Opinion

Like it or not, customers are the most valuable part of your brand’s creative evolution, not just the last stop on your product lifecycle, writes PR executive and much-experienced customer, Rian Newman. Am I the More >

lessons in customer experience

Are you experienced? Lessons in customer experience from Jimi Hendrix

by Mark Jones | 17 May 2017 | in Opinion

It’s a rock cliche, but Are You Experienced? When the The Jimi Hendrix Experience released this iconic album in 1967, the response was electric, if you’ll permit the pun. It fast became soundtrack of a More >

Five tips for making budget night a PR success

Five tips for making budget night a PR success

by Rian Newman | 10 May 2017 | in Opinion

Budget night. These two small words induce a sense of utter panic for many journalists and PR professionals – but they don’t need to, writes Filtered Media’s PR executive Rian Newman…  At a Meet the More >

social messaging

Heads up! It’s the end of social messaging as we thought we knew it

by Mark Jones | 06 Mar 2017 | in Opinion

Lying awake at 3am for no explicable reason, I found myself scrolling endlessly through Facebook. Have you noticed that it doesn’t matter how long you keep scrolling, there’s no end to the number of posts? More >

marketing lessons

Thinking outside the block: Unlikely lessons in leadership from real estate

by Mark Jones | 14 Feb 2017 | in Opinion

Real estate agents. Come on, be honest, do you trust them? Is there anything a discerning entrepreneur, marketer or business leader could glean from the time honoured tradition of marketing and selling property? Well, I More >

Content ROI

The Wizard of Oz and the ROI ruby slippers you don’t know you have

by JV Douglas | 09 Jan 2017 | in Opinion

“No my dear, I’m a very good man. I’m just a very bad Wizard.” It has been at least 35 years since I sat on the carpet at my uncle’s house and watched the big More >

how to master brand storytelling

Here’s the one thing you need to master brilliant brand storytelling

by Mark Jones | 02 Nov 2016 | in Opinion

The secret to masterful brand storytelling may not be as complex as you think, writes Mark Jones.  Want to know the secret to brilliant storytelling? It’s actually just one thing. And curiously enough, that one More >