Our Story

This story starts, as many good stories do, with a girl who meets a boy.

In this case, it was Filtered Media co-founders Heather Jones and Mark Jones.

From a first meeting as undergraduates in PR (Heather) and journalism (Mark) their careers took them into senior leadership roles in both Sydney and San Francisco. The view at the top was great – but there was still more.

In 2007, the media landscape was shifting and the old walls crumbling. Heather and Mark dreamed of a brave new world where journalism, PR and social worked together to tell stories, brilliantly.

Establishing Filtered Media, they wanted to pioneer Australia’s most respected storytelling agency. They also wanted a place where people loved their work.

From these early days the vision was clear: partner with established, iconic brands whose offerings matched their own impeccable standards. Filtered Media would find and tell authentic stories that resonated at all levels of society, from business decision makers to everyday people.

Today, the pair has assembled a talented cohort of journalists, PR pros, social media experts, video producers and event consultants. This team of storytellers is creating what a leading CMO has called “one of Australia’s hottest content agencies”.

Filtered Media’s integrated team now helps organisations grow and engage with customers using the power of story.


Now you know our story. Could we help tell yours?

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Filtered Media’s talented cohort

Mark Jones

CEO + Chief Storyteller

Visionary, enthusiastic, team builder. Runs things like a boss.

Heather Jones

Managing Director + Founder

A creative, strategic thinker who knows how to inspire.

Paula Cowan

General Manager

Recognises good process liberates creatives.

Dina Pyrlis Gray

Senior Content Director + Storyteller

Brings strategy and insight to the real world.

Kate Elks

Content Director + Storyteller

Powers our content production with consummate grace and precision timing.

Michelle Bartolo

PR Director + Storyteller

Expertly brings together all available resources like a symphony.

Nicole Manktelow

Content Director + Storyteller

Nerdy news ninja.

Daniel Marr

Design Manager + Storyteller

Crafts beautiful stories by example. Down to the last detail.

Jeffrey Coote

Senior PR Manager, Finance + Technology

Creates and executes effective PR and content marketing strategies.

Nick Ross

Senior Manager, Content + Analytics

It's better if people actually see your content

Sarah Fairley

Digital Content Manager + Storyteller

Obsessed with all things digital: strategy, content and communities.

Anne-Maree Brown

Digital Content Manager + Storyteller

Enthusiastic and passionate about all things communication.

Charlotte Goodwin

Content Manager + Storyteller

Passionate about effective communication and organisation.

Debbie Green

PR Manager + Storyteller

Outdoor girl from Manchester who is a Redbull fan and a spreadsheet enthusiast.

Emily Nowland

PR Manager + Storyteller

Propelling your brand into the spotlight

Mike Drysdale

Social Media Manager + Storyteller

Chief millennial and committed attention grabber.

Heather Hopkins

Finance Manager

Turns dollar signs into creative genius.

Nikki Majewski

Senior Content Producer + Storyteller

Brilliant stories don't write themselves. Nikki does.

Jonny McNee

Content Producer + Storyteller

Bringing stories to life through video and sound.

Tom Van Leeuwen

Content Producer + Storyteller

Powerful storytelling, on tap.

Mitchell Marr

Content Designer + Storyteller

Creative imagination brought to life.

Candice Witton

Content Producer + Storyteller

The best stories are the threshold to a world of new ideas.

Rian Newman

PR Executive + Storyteller

Challenge accepted.

Hannah Eastwood

Social Media Executive + Storyteller

Where creativity and cut-through begins.

Ruth Grigg

Executive Assistant to CEO and General Manager

Sweats the details. Empowers others. Loves problem solving.

Ewan Miller

Producer, Content + Analytics

Considering every angle.

Roseanne Scott

PR Assistant + Storyteller

Writes to inspire. Loves a good meme. Believes everyone has a story to tell.

Natalie Cupac

Content Assistant + Storyteller

Determined to be a catalyst for change.

Jessica Testa

Content Assistant + Storyteller

Believes in the magic of creativity and a great story.

Tom Henderson

Production Assistant + Storyteller

Handling the technicalities for engaging content.

Helen Tozer

Personal Assistant

Life's a big adventure.

KitchenAid - "Our success and premium brand profile in the Australian market is in large part due to Filtered Media’s work."

Your story is waiting to be told. Brilliantly.

We help iconic brands like yours find and tell their stories in strategic ways, using our integrated approach to creating content.

We’re different. We have big-agency capabilities, delivered with independent agency ethics and professionalism.

It’s not just the way we do business – it’s the way we see the world. We are:

  • Pioneers of a new integrated model
  • Professional, honest, responsive + insightful
  • Highly regarded and extremely well connected
  • Adaptive, nimble and lean
  • Organically grown with a unique blend of impressive in-house experience
  • Results-driven


Let’s chat about your story »

telstra you guys are always really easy to work with

coca-cola the agility of a smaller agency with the ability to absorb the pressures of a large company

vitamix results have been outstanding with a high level of engagement across video, social, media and blogger platforms

kitchenaid Our success and premium brand profile in the Australian market is in large part due to Filtered Media’s work

nicta your ability to get to core issues quickly, and synthesise different threads into an insightful perspective, is very powerful

fairfax we really appreciate your work

pickles auctions our CEO loves it!