What is storytelling?

Story is at the heart of everything we do.

Some stories survive thousands of years because they communicate a message in a simple way.

Consider Aesop’s fables: a collection of stories that sparked your childhood imagination with animals and objects that illustrate values, lessons, or moral codes.

Aesop is thought to have lived between 620 – 564 BC, so his stories have already survived more than 2,500 years in countless languages. Every night of the year, at bedtimes all over the world, they’ll be told again.


The ‘moral’ is this: stories must say something. Begin with understanding exactly what you want to say, and how you want people to respond. Will they feel a powerful emotion, be moved to action? These answers shape how you tell your story.

Then as you tell your story, watch and listen. Do faces light up? Do they sit still long enough to hear the whole story, or click away? Do you need to try a different voice next time?

Our storytelling is where creativity meets art, science, and iteration.

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